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Our Construction Industry Companies Support Syndicate exists since 2009. During these two years, the Syndicate has grown into a stable corporation of construction industry companies of various activity profiles: from monolithic construction and road construction to amenity planting and landscaping.

The basic principle of our Syndicate is open forming-up of stable partnership relations with each member-company. Our partners are provided with all-round support and assistance in carrying out of their professional activities. Protection of their rights and legal interests is another advantage of being with us.

During 2010-2011, our Syndicate successfully admitted to its membership several foreign companies. Those have much contributed to crafting the good image of our Syndicate. It is our management's point that cooperation with foreign partners brings, besides a good experience in self-regulation in general, international experience exchange between Russian and foreign construction industry companies helping to open new trends, share experience and create beneficial alliances.

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  • Belous Alexandra

    Chairman of the Supervisory Board

    Belous Alexandra
    Welcome to our Website!
    Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to welcome you at SRO ASO POSO!

    The fundamental principle of our SRO is democratic forming of strong partnership with each company we work with.

    Your success is our task!

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